Evan McNeely
Anneke Winegarden


Sept 17th, 2022 | 12 to 5 PM
Bancroft, Ontario

Venue Details


The wedding will be hosted by Evan's Grandparents (Frank and Helen) at their cottage-home on Bow Lake in Bancroft, ON. They live roughly 10 mins west of downtown Bancroft.

The address is 199 Red Log Lane which goes north off of Hwy 28, about 7 km west of Bancroft. If using a GPS you may need to use Madawaska Mines Loop, Bancroft as the address. Red Log Lane is over 1 km long and the only house is right at the end. If there is a problem call Frank at 613 318-9922.

Leave enough arrival time on departure to drive past the lane way off Hwy 28 at least once. It is small and easy to miss.

Do not mind the 'No Trespassing' signs, you are in the right place.

Arrival and Parking Instructions

You will see a big barn on the left hand side upon arrival. Park in rows in front of the barn. The walk to the venue is about 100m. Park further out along the road if necessary.

You can optionally drive past the barn to drop off passengers in front of the house. After drop off, go back and park in front of the barn.

Arrive with enough time to be seated and ready for the ceremony at 12:30pm

Venue Layout


Beer on tap from Beyond the Pale (Clean Cut), small selection of wine and some non-alcoholic bubblies and/or kombucha.
What to Wear
The style will be "Classy-Picnic", I'll let you determine what that means - no need to wear a tie or other such things that are unnecessarily uncomfortable. Relax.
What to Bring
Bathing suit and towel are optional. Anything you need to be comfortable for day outside.