My name is Evan McNeely (right). I made this website you are browsing. 

Writing about yourself is always a little weird. Should I mention I'm a dude, or is it assumed. My favourite color was red, but recently I've been shifting more towards orange. Orange rhymes with Sporange, which is in-fact a word.

I was born in Kingston, Ontario, the first capital of Canada. I moved to Ottawa, the current capital of Canada, to study Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University. Kingston is my home town but, I live in Ottawa, so Ottawa is my town of home.

I drive a van, the ultimate utility vehicle. It carries people comfortably. Shuttles bikes in a sheltered environment. You can sleep in it if your life comes to that. Mine hasn't yet.

I have achieved a Mechanical Engineering degree from Carleton University, which took me 5 and a half years to finish while I continued to train and race full time. Strangely I miss school. 

If interested, here is a detailed list of the things I dislike.


evan mcneely